Sunday, May 19, 2019

Xog: Madaxwaynaha Puntland Saciid Deni oo isagoo carreysan la xiriiray Kheyre, kana dalbaday sharraxaad

Madaxweynaha Puntland mudane Saciid Cabdullaahi Deni ayaa si aad ah uga carrooday hadalkii kasoo baxay wasiirka waxbarashada Soomaaliya Cabdullaahi Goodax Barre ee ku aadanaa imtixaanaadka dugsiyada Puntland, sida ay ilo-wareedyo lagu kalsoon yahay u sheegeen Caasimada Online.

Cabdulaahi Goodax Bare ayaa sheegay in uu fashilmay Imtixaankii Puntland oo shalay si rasmi ah loo daahfuray, isaga oo yiri “Imtixaan waa fashilmaa, saacadaan la joogo Puntland imtixaan ay qaadeysay wuu fashilmay.”

Hadalka Goodax ayaa sida la sheegay aad uga yaabiyey ugana carreysiiyey madaxweyne Deni, maadaama aysan jirin inta la ogyahay imtixaan fashilmay oo baahay.

Deni ayaa la sheegay inuu xiriir deg deg ah la sameeyey ra’iisul wasaare Kheyre kana dalbaday in wasiir Goodax sharraxaad buuxda ka bixiyo hadalkiisa “dhaawaca xooggan ku ah sharafta imtixaanka Puntland.”

Deni ayaa sida la sheegay hadalka Goodax u arkay mid ku talo-gal loogu dhaawacayo imtixaanka Puntand, maadaama Puntland kaga guuleysatay Goodax dooddii horey u dhex-martay labada dhinac, kadib markii Puntland diiday inay qeyb ka noqoto Imtixaanaadka wasaaradda waxabarshada Soomaaliya.

Puntland oo markii horey ku dooday inaysan aamini karin hanaanka dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa warkeedu rumoobay markii uu fashiilmay imtixaankii dowladda oo suuqyada laga helay, waxaana hadalka Goodax loo arkay mid lagu xumeynayo Puntland.

Xigasho : Caasimada Online

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Bargal Students' Union #UMAB organize second Quran memorization competition in Bargal District

The members of the Bargal Students' Union (UMAB) are working hard to finalize a Quran memorization competition in the holy month of Ramadan at the level of all Holy Quran memorization centers in Bargal District  

The Bargal Quran Memorization Competition which will be the second regional competition, is  a step that will raise the level of competition between the Quran memorization centers in the region. 

The Bargal Student Union (UMAB) brought teachers and a judging committee to supervise the competition from Bosaso city in Bari Region for more confidence and fair competition for the centers and students participating  in the competition and also they have prepared valuable prizes for the first three positions of all categories of the competition

In response to this blessed effort, the elders and community organizations of the region described this move as a beautiful initiative that needs support and motivation.

Since the foundation of Bargal Students' Union (UMAB), they have contributed many educational and awareness-raising activities, especially to students in schools, Where they prepared lessons for material reviews and tests for transition students In the eighth and twelfth grades

Monday, May 13, 2019

“Challenges for the criminal justice” workshop organised in Garowe

The re-establishment of the Rule of Law in post-conflict countries is a key issue for the protection of human rights and the promotion of democracy. To this end, linking and strengthening the legal chain, from police investigations to the courts including administration by prosecutors, is extremely important for the Rule of Law to reach all segments of society.

This is why EUCAP Somalia organised the «Challenges for the Criminal Justice System»

Workshop in Garowe, capital of the Puntland State of Somalia that brought together professionals from the criminal justice chain.

The activity encouraged dialogue among participants by creating an opportunity for sharing concerns, ideas and suggestions aimed at improving the overall the justice system’s performance.

The twelve Somali participants, including six women from the police force and the judiciary, joined the three-days’ workshop from 7-9 May, gained a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by the criminal justice system actors. The trainees, from the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the Attorney General Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Courts engaged in debates over lessons identified and ways forward.

The seminar focused on subjects including International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and its relationship with International Human Rights Law, International Refugee Law, International Migration Law, Law of Internal Displacement, and the importance of systematic data gathering and storage of information, witness protection and anticorruption in the context of Rule of Law.

Among the trainers, besides EUCAP Somalia’s Chain of Prosecution Adviser, Alexandru Ionut, who designed the workshop and the Head of Field office Garowe, Cornelis Verhaeren who introduced the audience to the witness protection subject matter, were UNSOM Human Rights Adviser, UNSOM Police Adviser and other Somali subject matter expert speakers.

EUCAP Somalia’s Head of Mission Maria-Cristina Stepanescu was present at the opening of the workshop, as she was visiting Puntland over the last days. “I am pleased to be able to attend such a meaningful training and I encourage the participants to respond to the invite from the Mission’s Chain of Prosecution Adviser and come up with topic proposals, as I expect us to continue delivering these kinds of activities”.

One of the participants from the Ministry of Justice called Abdiweli, stressed how important it was to him to learn about witness protection at EUCAP Somalia’s led seminar “at a time where there are high levels of crime rates in Puntland.” He encouraged our Mission to organise more of these kinds of trainings as he found it highly beneficial for his work.

A young female prosecutor, Ayaan, suggested debating the pros and cons regarding the formal versus informal justice and the need for a more comprehensive legal framework that could better set up the coordination between police and prosecutors for the next course.

“We have experienced vivid discussions amongst the participants who used the event as a forum to freely express their thoughts and ideas” said the Cornelis Verhaeren, following the closure of the workshop. His words were echoed by Alexandru Ionut, who added: “Seeing the thirst to learn from others and the commitment to become involved into the justice system reform that our local counterparts are showing, makes me proud of being part of EUCAP Somalia’s team and gives me strength to carry on with implementing the Mission’s mandate ”

As the participants unanimously asked EUCAP Somalia to come up with more of these kinds of events in the near future, it seems clear the workshop achieved the goal of bringing together all the actors of criminal justice chain.

Sudan seizes Morocco plane filled with gold

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces have seized 241 kilograms of gold from a Moroccan plane flying from the country’s River Nile state, which landed in the capital Khartoum.
Major General Othman Mohamed said that only 93 kilograms of the gold on board the plane has an export license, while the legal status of the remaining quantity has not been clarified. The Major General explained: “We must deliver this large amount [of gold] to the Bank of Sudan, and then we will go on with the necessary legal procedures.”
Mohamed did not name the private Moroccan company which had allowed the exportation of the gold, nor did he give further details. However, he pointed out that the status of the company in Sudan is legal and registered.
Meanwhile, Moroccan news website Hespress reported that the plane was loaded with huge amounts of gold belonging to Moroccan company MANAGEM, which has long been active in the mining industry across the African continent.
Sudan produces 100 tonnes of gold every year and gold mines are a major source of foreign currency in the country. However, it is believed that about 70 per cent of Sudan’s gold production is being smuggled out of the country, as producers try to circumvent regulations requiring gold to be sold to the central bank in local currency at a price much lower than that which can be reached on the black market.
Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces declared that Thursday’s seizure of the gold was intended to protect the national economy and preserve the country’s resources and wealth. Hespress, however, claimed the Sudanese forces stopped the plane because it had not acquired permission to fly, not because of smuggling gold.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Maxkamada Darajada Koowaad ee dagmada Garowe ayaa saaka go’aan ka soo saartay kiiskii dilkii Caa’isha Ilyaas Aadan, Gudoomiya maxkamadda Shiikh Cabdinuur ayaa ku dhawaqay in maxkamaddu dil toogasho ah ku xukuntay 3-da Eedaysane ee kala ah Cabdifataax Cabdirahman Warsame, Cabdisalaan Cabdirahman Warsame iyo Cabdishakuur Maxamed Dige 

Maxkamadu waxa ay sidoo kale amartay in sida ugu dhakhsaha badan xoriyadooda loo siiyo 7-da eedaysane ee kale, iyadoo tilmaantay in maxkamadda horteeda la keeni waayey wax cadaymo ah oo raggaas ku saabsan.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Madax goboleedyada iyo beesha caalamka oo shir deg deg ah ku yeelanaya Nairobi

Madaxda Maamul Gobaleedyada Soomaaliya iyo Beesha Caalamka ayaa lagu wadaa inay Nairobi ku yeeshaan kulan deg deg ah oo ku saabsan Shirkii Natiijo la’aanta ku soo dhamaaday ee Garoowe, sida ay ogaatay warbaahinta qaar

Shirkaan oo la filayo in uu dhaco Todobaadkaan ayaa la sheegay in uu dhax-mari doono qaar kamid ah Madaxweynayaasha Maamul Gobaleedyada dalka iyo qaar kamid ah Wakiilada beesha Caalamka oo ugu horreeyaan wakiilo ka socda Mareykanka iyo Qaramada Midoobay.

Madaxweynaha maamulka Galmudug Axmed Ducaale Geelle “Xaaf” ayaa maanta u duulay magaalada Nairobi ee xarunta dalka Kenya markii uu ku dhawaaqay in uu fashil ku soo dhamaaday Shirkii Garowe.

Sidoo kale Madaxweynaha Jubbaland Axmed Maxamed Islaam ayaa lagu wadaa in uu dhowaan u Amba-baxo magaalada Nairobi ee dalka Kenya.

Ilo wareedyo ku dhow dhow Madaxweyne Xaaf ayaa warbaahinta u sheegay in Xaaf uu Nairobi kulan kula qaadan doono Xubno ka tirsan UN-ka, Mareykanka Ingiriiska, iyo Midowga Yurub waxa uuna kala hadli doonaa Xaaladda Soomaaliya gaar ahaan Khilaafka Dowladda iyo Maamul Gobaleedyada.

Warar kale ayaa sheegaya in kulamada ka dhacaya Nairobi ay noqon karaan gaar gaar oo ay Wakiilada Beesha Caalamka si gaar gaar ah u qaabilaan madaxda Dowlad Gobaleedyada Soomaaliya si wax looga waydiiyo arrimaha Soomaaliya.

Beesha Caalamka ayaa geed u fadhi ah Xaaladda Soomaaliya waxaana la sheegayaa in ay aad isha ugu heysay Shirka Garoowe inkastoo aysan wali ka hadlin, hadana waxaa jiray walaac ay UK ka muujisay Shirka oo maalmo dheeraad ah qaatay.

Somalia faults Kenya for reintroducing flight stopovers

MOGADISHU, (Xinhua) -- The Somali government on Saturday faulted Kenya for its decision to reintroduce flight stopovers in Wajir, northeast Kenya, for all flights from Mogadishu, saying the move restricts movements of Somali citizens.

Somalia's Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said in a statement on Saturday that the decision by Nairobi is politicized and not good for neighborly relations.

The ministry said the matter will be referred to the relevant authorities to assess an "appropriate" response, saying Kenya has not fully explained why it has taken the unilateral decision to see Mogadishu flights bound for Nairobi to pass through Wajir airport for security checks.

The ministry also urged Kenya to "reconsider" the decision which it said is going to restrict trade and travels between the two countries.

A notice from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) issued early this week ordered all flights from Mogadishu to stop in Wajir airport for security checks before proceeding to Nairobi.

The two neighboring countries agreed on March 2017 to resume the direct flights between Mogadishu and Nairobi and ended the 10 years of Wajir short stopovers.

The Wajir security stopover, which was introduced by Kenya in 2006, is conducted by security agencies and involves passengers disembarking from the plane and going through immigration and customs while all luggage are removed and scanned

Thursday, May 9, 2019

US blames UAE for interference in countries, including Somalia

The US has accused the United Arab Emirates of interference in several Arab countries, including Somalia, fuelling conflict and disputes.

United States Senator, who is also the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said his country is keeping an eye on UAE’s role in the current violence in Libya, Sudan, and Somalia.

A new report on the security situation in Africa has revealed the interference of the United Arab Emirates has caused mistrust between the countries and affected East Africa regional integration.

The UAE has recently signed port agreements with two regional states in Somalia, a move that further deepened political crisis in the Horn of Africa nation, according to the report.

Somali government stood a neutral position on the Gulf diplomatic row in 2017 and rebuffed pressure to cut off ties with Qatar.

Odayaasha gobolka Gardafuu oo hay’ado ka tirsan QM ku eedeeyey in ay warbixino beenabuur ah ka fidiyeen gobolka (Daawo)

Odayaasha gobolka Gardafu ee Puntland ayaa ku eedeeyey hay’ado katirsan QM inay warbixino beenabuur ah ka faafiyeen gobolka Gardafuu, islamar ahaantaana ay ka reebeen deegaamada Puntland ee loo diray kooxaha qiimaynta kusoo samaynaya abaarta jirta.

Haddaba odayaashan oo warbaahinta Daljir la hadlay ayaa dowladda Puntland ugu baaqay inay cabashadooda wax ka qabato.

Xigasho raadiyo daljir

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Baargaal administration appeals humanitarian agencies to support drought hit people in the region

Somalia remains one of the most complex and long- standing humanitarian crises in the world , and Drought is one of the main causes of this crises

Baargaal district authorities,  traditional leaders, politicians, religious leaders, professionals, businessmen women and youth and local NGO’s   shouted loudly and said that the communities are suffering from serious droughts.

they added that The people are vulnerable of threat caused by drought due to lack of food, shelter and medicine. 
Livestock are also dying of lack of water, diseases and pasture. Many of pastoral communities are moving to the villages and cities to get shelter and food.

As result of this, the threat level is increasing and more people are losing their livestock and livelihoods.

They also said  that This region has been excluded from the humanitarian assistance; these communities did not receive any humanitarian assistance since this series drought started. 

As communities we believe that we have universal rights to get humanitarians assistance.

Based on the above reasons, we are categorically requesting urgently humanitarian assistance from Punt land State of Somalia, UN agencies, international doners International NGOs, local NGOs and well-wishers, to save human lives and their livestock and properties.