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Reports reaching us from Somali central region of Hiiraan indicate Al shabaab clashed with armed residents over a forceful Zakah collection in  locations in the outskirts of Mahas town.
 A fierce gun fight broke out between Al-shabaab and local residents took place today in Qorof and Mariiri locations which fall under Mahas town of Hiiraan region in central Somalia.
 Reliable Reports from Hiiraan’s Mahas town indicate that the fight came after the civilians and Al shabaab have disagreed over collection of Zakah (an Islamic levy on wealth).
 The militants tried to do the collections forcefully after the locals refused to give in to their demands prompting the fight that left 8 militants dead, according to Mohamed Saney, a senior Somali army officer in the region.

Al shabaab has not yet commented on the battle.

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