Contracted Workers of @Adesoafrica in Puntland wondering If they will be paid for the work they have done

in the Far Eastern Towns and Villages in Puntland state of Somalia , These Days many people Include Men and woman, Younger’s and elders Put Their hands out of their faces wondering if they will be paid for the work they have done.

Many of community people include women , youth and elders of these regions became involved in Cash for Work activities (CfW) that led to build many rock dams to stop soil erosion and formation of gullies, By slowing down the flow of water during the rainy season.

Although the project which is implemented by Adeso Africa , formerly known as Horn Relief, is meaningful and important to the local communities , But in the other side there are many people who put high hopes on the amounts that they will get from this project and These people have begun to borrow many things from different stores , and they were thinking they would re-pay these funds to their owners as soon as they receive their rights from Adeso.

But after that what happened, these rights did not come from Adeso , which create a doubt in the minds of those people that they're not going to get something from Adeso and the whole process is a scam operation.

There is no clear  legal right to have wages paid in any particular time in Somalia , but the only way that an employee's wages are paid will depend solely on what their contract of employment says about how their wages should be paid. 

If they do not have a written contract, they still have a contract of employment, but it will be a verbal contract

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