Puntland Ministry of Women and Family Affairs organized very colorful occasion on 8 March (The International Women’s Day ) The event took place in the Parliament hall in Garowe city , in attendance of top Puntland government officials including Deputy President Abdihakin Abdullah Haji Omar Amey and Parliament Speaker Ahmed Ali Hashi, traditional leaders, members of the Puntland local authorities, International community representatives , the members of the civil society and hundreds of women as well as the the Puntland Ministry of Women , which has organized the event.

Deputy President Of Puntland state Eng. Abdihakin Abdullah Haji acting President said that the women are the backbone of any nation, and this day is essential for the women’s around the World , and he described how he is happy to attend the commemoration day Of Puntland's women .

Deputy President Of Puntland state Acting President noted the value to protect the rights of women, and he said that Islam gave women full rights which can no one give anymore.

Puntland Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs  Anisa Haji mumin talked about the importance of this day to the women which the world celebrates in many places, and she said that she will leave the office with the Ministry of women led all women in puntland.

Puntland Ministry of Women and Family Affairs held Similar occasions on the International Day for women in Baargaal in Gardafuu region, Bosaso in Bari region , Dhahar in hiland region, Qardho in karkaar region Buuhoodle in ayn region, Booame in sool region and Galkayo in mudug region.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 of every year, showcasing the achievements of women in social, political and economic fields all over the world.

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