Thursday, August 11, 2016

#Puntland : When president & his cabinet start selling the #TurkishAid in the black market !!

#Puntland : When president & his cabinet start selling the #TurkishAid in the black market !!

The Corruption in humanitarian aid is among the worst kinds of corruption could happen.
It can mean the difference between life and death. It robs people of essential resources, destroying dignity and causing desperation.

On the fourth day of this month August 2016 a Turkish aid ship arrived in the port city of Bosasso in the East Region and the commercial capital of Puntland State of Somalia carrying nearly 3,500 tonnes of food provided by the Turkish people and government to Somalia.

When the turkish aid ship arrived to the port of Bosasso a lot of poor families and the communities in areas that were suffering from dehydration welcomed its arrival and they put high hopes on it to overcome the dry season

Instead of distribution and delivering the Turkish aid food to the families and the neediest areas , the President of Puntland State of Somalia and his cabinet ministers have begun to sell Turkish sugar and rice publicly on the black market, opening the way for many people to sell the remain food which allocated for the needy people such as flour, as an Arab proverb says what is meaning if the bigger camel screamed what you are expecting from the young camel.

The Corruption that has occurred in the Turkish aid ship in the state of Puntland, and in front of all government authorities puts a question mark on the Puntland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission (PGGACC), which was officially launched in March 26, 2014 at the beginning of the era of President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas

This kind of corruption is the reason which forces many young people to emigrate and risk their lives in the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert after they lost confidence and the ability to force these officials to not use the power in looting their rights

In conclusion what happened in the Turkish aid ship in Bosasso is something that can not be accepted and must Puntland parliament and the local and international bodies should monitor and follow-up and prosecute those names appeared in the reports and if that does not happen ... we have to wait more young immigrants

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