Baargaal administration appeals humanitarian agencies to support drought hit people in the region

Somalia remains one of the most complex and long- standing humanitarian crises in the world , and Drought is one of the main causes of this crises

Baargaal district authorities,  traditional leaders, politicians, religious leaders, professionals, businessmen women and youth and local NGO’s   shouted loudly and said that the communities are suffering from serious droughts.

they added that The people are vulnerable of threat caused by drought due to lack of food, shelter and medicine. 
Livestock are also dying of lack of water, diseases and pasture. Many of pastoral communities are moving to the villages and cities to get shelter and food.

As result of this, the threat level is increasing and more people are losing their livestock and livelihoods.

They also said  that This region has been excluded from the humanitarian assistance; these communities did not receive any humanitarian assistance since this series drought started. 

As communities we believe that we have universal rights to get humanitarians assistance.

Based on the above reasons, we are categorically requesting urgently humanitarian assistance from Punt land State of Somalia, UN agencies, international doners International NGOs, local NGOs and well-wishers, to save human lives and their livestock and properties.