#Puntland launches another program to boost education opportunities while #Gardafuu children are on the waiting list

The Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland, in cooperation with Save the Children, launched another program to promote educational opportunities & to help children in Puntland in northeastern Somalia get better education

This time with the World Program "Education Can not Wait", which is the first global fund dedicated to education in emergencies and long crises that was established to help re-position education as a priority on the humanitarian agenda and which will be implemented by Save the Children in partnership with the Government of Puntland To bridge the educational gap for children and youth

Despite efforts to develop, access to education in Puntland is very limited, with more than 41 per cent of children out of school, according to a report presented at the program opening ceremony.

What the Puntland Government ignores or does not focus on when implementing these programs is that the chances of educating children in remote and rural areas are lower, with more than 60 per cent of children out of school

Drought, food insecurity, poverty and inequality are some of the challenges that hinder efforts to get more Puntland children and youth in schools.

The remote areas, such as the areas of the province of Gardafuu in the far north-east of Somalia, have other obstacles Such as off-road and difficult access to local government services

for Example Schools in Gardafuu still have difficulty getting textbooks for students so teachers have to write all the lectures on the blackboards , Which wastes a lot of time and much effort from both students and teachers, which makes the learning process difficult
A teacher writes a full lesson on the blackboard 

Other obstacles faced by remote areas are the lack of qualified teachers who prefer large cities to be able to access training and improvement programs such as this, which will not reach them if they work in schools in remote areas

So teachers in these areas need to be motivated in order to boost their productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and dedication in performing their task, which will enhance the quality of education in these areas.
In the end, Education can not wait and the children of Gardafuu can not wait anymore
International organizations should take the lead in implementing these types of programs to be more effective and benefiting more children and  to avoid further mismanagement, such as programs previously implemented because a poor education is like having no education at all and a quality education can truly transform a child's life, Especially for those in emergencies & protracted crises

Picture of students studying under a tree before the elders of the area appeal to the competent authorities to build a school

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