Somalia restarts adult education programme

Somalia has restarted adult primary education about three decades after it stopped following the collapse of the central government.

Education Minister Goddah Barre said Sunday the three year programme will be rolled out countrywide with the support of international partners.

“We have introduced a new adult education curriculum which will be implemented countrywide,” the minister said. “We have also put in place plans to roll out adult education.”

The minister noted the government was committed to expanding education opportunities in the country to increase access for those who have not had the chance to go to school.

Following the completion of a customised primary education programme, the minister said, the adult students will have the chance to proceed to secondary schools and subsequently universities.

Somalia rolled out a ‘go to school’ programme in 2013 targeting millions of children who were left out as a result of the civil war.

The government has been administering standardized class eight and form four exams since 2015.
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