Police forces trained by the federal government in Somalia arrive in Garowe

A large number of police forces, who have been trained by the central federal government in Somalia, arrived today at General Muhammad Absher Airport in the city of Garowe, capital of the state of Puntland in northeastern Somalia.

These forces are said to be the first unit of the Puntland Police Force, a traffic police unit that has undergone five months of training in Mogadishu.

Puntland Police Force Commander Brigadier General Abdi Hassan Hussain (Abdi Yari) today welcomed the troops at Garowe International Airport, who will play a key role in rebuilding and strengthening the police force.
Commander Abdi Yari explained to the media that the Forces nouvelles will play a major role in maintaining security, especially in directing vehicles in troubled cities.
Finally, the Commander thanked the Police Command of the Federal Government of Somalia for its role in providing high-quality training to the forces in Mogadishu.