UAE firm take-over Bosaso Airport


The Puntland state government and TISL, a United Arab Emirates-based company, signed an agreement in Dubai on Monday to take-over Bosaso Airport.

The agreement will start in January 2021. and It states that TISL will develop and expand the terminal and runway construction at Bosaso Airport.
Puntland Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports, Elias Osman Lugatore, said the program complements an earlier agreement between TISL and Puntland regarding the management of Bosaso Airport.
The signing ceremony was attended by Director of the Puntland Presidential Palace, Muhammad Abdul Rashid Ali, Director General of the Puntland Ministry of Civil Aviation, Othman Ali Yusuf Ali Hosh, and officials from TISL.

The new agreement comes at the height of popular anger among the state’s residents at the Dubai Ports Company, which took over the Port of Bosaso three years ago and has yet to start the process of developing the port.

It is not yet known whether the Somali federal government will support the new agreement, as it has never accepted the previous agreement with DP World to take-over the Bosaso port.