Elders of Bargal District launch a call to build a hospital


 It is said that the best thing in the world is a person and his health, and the most beautiful of that is the solidarity of man with his fellow man during adversity and distress and from this point of view, a meeting was held today in the city of Bargal, to call for the establishment of a hospital in the Bargal District, as there is no hospital in the region that meets the needs of the people in the region.


The meeting was attended by Gardafuu Governor Dr. Muse Salah Guled, Bargal District mayor Mr. Abane Aynab Muse as well as Bargal District Health Officer Drs. Istanbul Ali Adan, tribal chiefs , local council members, notable figures Businessmen and various sections of society. Bargal District Health Officer , Dr. Istanbul Ali Aden explained the need for the hospital urgently and called on the community and local administration to work together, adding that they, as health authorities, have prepared the site designated for its construction.

Dr. Saeed Dagig, a staff member at the Maternal and Child Health Center in Bargal, , described the problems caused by the lack of a hospital in the area, and said that the rooms in the mother and child center are sometimes not sufficient for patients and this causes some patients to not receive the required care. He called on the community and relevant authorities to contribute to build the hospital urgently. The peace activists, businessmen and intellectuals who spoke at the event promised to participate in the construction of Bargal District Hospital and called on all well-wishers to take part in the construction of the hospital. Finally, the governors of Gardafuu and Bargal district Mayor who also spoke at the event , said that they would stand by the call to contribute to building the Bargal District Hospital in an urgent manner and urge the community to show solidarity and stand for the common good, especially the businessmen and diaspora in Gardafuu, and anyone wishing to participate in the building of this hospital, Stressing that this appeal is directed to all officials in local and international bodies,

Pics credit : Gardafuu Media